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Shree Yantra, otherwise called Sri Chakra, is known as the mother of all yantras in light of the fact that all different yantras get from it. In its three dimensional structures Shree Yantra is said to speak to Mount Meru, the inestimable mountain at the core of the universe.
The Sri Yantra is considered as a position of profound journey. It is a representation of the universe at the macrocosmic level and of the human body at the microcosmic level (each of the circuits relate to a chakra of the body).
Shree Yantra is initially alluded to in an Indonesian engraving dating to the seventh century C.E. It may have existed in India, its nation of beginning, much sooner than the time of first experience with Indonesia.
Man's otherworldly adventure from the phase of material presence to extreme illumination is mapped on the Sri Yantra. The profound adventure is taken as a journey in which each step is a rising to the inside, a development past one's restricted presence, and each level is closer to the objective. Such an adventure is mapped in stages, and each of these stages relates with one of the circuits of which the Shree Yantra is created from the external plane to the bindu in the focal point.